Calculate Your Savings

Great book,filled with useful tips and tools. The advice in this book has saved me money already. Customer

What a great resource for penny-pinching and saving money. This book is fabulous! Where do I begin? The book offers so many tips for cutting costs around the house, being a savvy shopper, and finding bargains. It also teaches you about saving and how important it is, as well as helps you set up a savings plan to get you and your finances on track. Some of the information was revelational to me and really made me stop and think. Just from using the information on using coupons and cooking at home, I have already seen tremendous savings in my families weekly food expenses. If you are having trouble keeping your finances in order and are looking for some kind of plan to help get you back on the right path financially, then I highly recommend that you get this book! Excellent read & resource! 5 big stars!


From reading the premise of this book, I already loved it. I have friends who are avid couponers and are constantly driving miles, collecting newspapers and scouring Craigslist to save money. Conversely, I work all the time to increase my income and pay full price for pantry goods without a second thought. Who's got it right?

The answer, as Calculate Your Savings will teach you, is somewhere in between. I love the idea of being able to put a calculable formula on the more abstract notions in your life, and Smith is apparently like minded in this regard. She helps you evaluate on an individual level what money saving techniques are truly worth your time. It's easy to understand and it's worthwhile in our Pinterest-filled world of tips that might not actually save you anything. Highly recommended.

-Sam G

I am always looking for ways to pinch pennies and be more efficient with what I already have. Calculate Your Savings has some genius ideas that I hadn't thought of to help me with both of these endeavors. By first taking a look at what the best strategies are for each particular person, including calculating the savings the can be derived from a certain strategy, I was able to find some ideas for saving money on both food and household items here and have already put these methods into practice. Great book for anyone who is looking for cost-saving ideas, well-written and well-organized.